The Metropolitan Sherlock

All the writers and producers have got it into their minds that Sherlock Holmes is an insulting, cold and calculating, stoic person, who doesn’t care whether the Earth revolves around the Sun or not. Some of it is certainly true, but there is one thing Mr. Holmes has never been, and that is insulting in the face of a client or a case. And he has never ‘enjoyed’ Moriarty like Benedict’s Sherl did.
I guess one can come to that conclusion amidst the all elementary.
I agree that he is not exactly a ‘ likeable’ person, but he’s not also a ‘ dislikeable’ person. But one has to work very hard to like the hatted detective in the new series of Mr. Moffat. Even during the early days of Elementary, one doesn’t like what he sees in the deductive detective



In fact almost all the classic fictional figures which have been around for quite some time are or have going/gone through a grumpy and emotionless period. Doctor Who being in the lead. The current Peter Capaldi role went through a whole season and a Christmas Special with his attitude of mystery based excitedness rather than loss based sadness. But I’ve gone off topic here.

Back on. I get that this post is somewhat unnecessary, but its been bugging my mind for quite some time now. The current Sherlock of England , based in England and working in England, seems to enjoy a good murder which I do not think the original Holmes did. I get it. There have been quite some changes in the new one from the old, but at least I would have hoped not to an annoying extent. Which for the first two seasons WAS pretty annoying.

Its true that all three characters which I’ve mentioned have relaxed their insults and have given room to more nerdiness and clichès.
But Benedict and Peter will always be remembered as the grumpy fellows who sort of, kind of hated (which is an unnecessarily strong word to use). I by far have absolutely almost no complaints about their attitudes.  In fact I quite enjoyed them, but its the conventional population that has gotten all riled up. And I don’t blame them. But it was a sigh of relief to see that their (Mr. Holmes’) character has more or less changed, but we still continues to see shades of the past in some moments where they can be cold and have nerves of steel. Couldn’t ask for more.



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