A book, which takes you along with it on its journey to God knows where is a book, which is worthy of recognition. But this book doesn’t need no recognition as thee name of the writer itself and the name of the particular character upon which this book is based is enough to make the book fanatics go bonkers.
Anthony Horowitz has dabbled in absolutely everything now. Teenage secret agents, to mystical GateKeepers, to Sherlock Holmes and the omnipotent James Bond.
The above mentioned is the third one on that list.
I’m sure many people have read this already, so for those people this is not exactly the most interesting read in the world.
The story takes place after Sherlock and Moriarty fall into the abyss of the great falls known as Reichenbach.
This is an excerpt from the paragraph written on the back of the book.
” The death of Moriarty has created a poisonous vacuum which has been swiftly filled by a fiendish new criminal mastermind. ”
I think I can guess what one might think. As I myself thought that. That how could anyone beat the ‘criminality’ of Moriarty. Well, apparently someone has.
A Pinkerton agent from America comes to Reichenbach to witness the death of the greatest criminal mind the Arthur Conan Doyle world had ever seen. He is also after the ‘fiendish new criminal mastermind’ in the above written excerpt. That person’s (the criminal’s…not the agent’s) name is Clarence Devereux.  The Pinkerton fellow’s name is Frederick Chase. He is on the hunt for Clarence and happens upon an able detective by the name of Athelney Jones, of Scotland Yard.
So this Athelney Jones of Scotland Yard is a devout follower of Sherlock Holmes’ methods. Deduction and elementary are his bread and butter.
The journey takes us from Boston, Massachusetts USA to Switzerland to the whole of Britain. And the best part about this book is that you are really engrossed in looking for clues while reading. You basically imagine yourself there, beside Mr. Jones and Mr. Chase. They get tied up, tortured..( a little bit.), bombed and shot at.
This a book , a vivid book reader would have already read, and which the part timers should definitely try out.
PS:-  This might not be for the sensitive at heart. Other than that, absolutely nothing to worry about.



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