Person Of Interest S5EO1-BSOD Review.

Person of Interest came back to the small screen with an action packed, fast moving and intense episode. It has been exactly one year since there were AIs on our TVs. ( Unless some other show has an AI.)
The episode picked almost exactly the same place YHWH. But I still don’t understand how they escaped the rain of bullets that they were facing at the end of Season 4.
But none of this amounts to the fact that this was a strong episode. But certainly not one of its finest.
The following content will / may contain precious information about said episode which should not be learnt by reading a review. ( So to be clear, should be learnt by watching the episode.)
This SPOILER ALERT was brought to you by Gordon Watson.


I know… That was a bit … out there. Never mind. Back to the show.

If anyone saw the video of the subway covered in smoke, which was released at comic con… Well that is the start of the fifth season of POI. The episode starts with a pay phone ringing. ( Classic POI ). Then Root’s voice fills our ears. Apparently, she doesn’t k ow what winning would mean anymore.. Umm hello?? Samaritan being destroyed… A world free of hunger ..destroyed. ??
Back on topic…
As The Kills’ No Wow started to play,  John Reese, briefcase in hand with a few minor damages was busy trying to escape Samaritan. I have no idea why or how they got separated.
Well, that’s the start and in fear of revealing too much I’m going to stop myself.
This episode was not the classic POI edge of the seat stuff where you keep trying to guess what’s going to happen and keep failing. This is one of those episodes which takes you on a journey and you go along with it. No questions asked.
There were a few puns and jokes delivered with Reese’s humorous seriousness and there obviously there had to be Root’s ‘in your face’ attitude. The episode also included Fusco’s wonderful cluelessness of everything that had happened and why it had happened. And we are once again reminded after exactly 365 days , why we watch Person Of Interest. 


But there WERE some problems.
Reese was always out of place and had no  use in most situations. ( According to Harold).
Samaritan did not have that on the prowl AI feel. In layman terms, the episode did not have the required amount of dread, and darkness that is expected when an Artificial Intelligence wants you dead.
And there were some inconsistencies. For example, why would someone make a bulletproof, indestructible briefcase other than to protect the contents of it? Well, in the episode, the briefcase is shot at and it is not destroyed. But the Pizo Electric Battery somehow was damaged. ( Did I get the name right?) Which  in turn deduced the chances of The Machine’s survival.
And the most infuriating problem of all with the episode was that Harold gave The Machine a gender. He called it a she. Its a machine, Harold!! Its not a he or a she. Its an it.
Final Verdict
The episode is a good one if you watch the show for the show’s/writing’s sake. But if you watch POI for Reese’s sake, this episode is not for you.


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