Person Of Interest S5EO2- SNAFU review

As those who watch CBS very well know, on May 3rd, CBS’ best crime drama return to  our television sets. Six days after the premiere, the weekly cycle begins with the episode SNAFU.
For me , that word is an old fashioned notion. I haven’t heard or found that word anywhere in a long time. But I somehow remember distinctly its meaning and use. But enough of the technicalities.
The following content will / may contain precious information about said episode which should not be learnt by reading a review. ( So to be clear, should be learnt by watching the episode.)
This SPOILER ALERT was brought to you by Gordon Watson.

The episode brings to light the changes that Harold might make while programming The Machine.


This time I’m going to start with the negative points and the problems and inconsistency.
Firstly, Harold’s and Reese’s friendship seems to be ever more distant than the previous episode. Its almost as if something happened in the few minutes between last season’s Pink Floyd themed bullet shower and  this season’s Kill Joy themed beginning.
Secondly, Root still doesn’t ‘get’ the numbers or why a closed system is best for business. And even more weirdly, Harold agrees to keep The Machine an open system! The same guy that was pleading Greer not to make Samaritan, an open system, go live.
Thirdly, speaking of Sam, he was no where to be found. And so was Greer. Both of them have yet to appear on the show since it’s start. On a personal note:- I miss them. A lot!
Other than these three major drawbacks, I feel that the episode was a certain improvement on the premiere, in miniscule measures.
I feel there is something is wrong with that sentence.
Never mind.
This episode wasn’t as action packed as the premiere, but it is one where you sit and think, and contemplate. What should Harold do to make The Machine better? Is Root’s idea of an open system a good one, or more importantly, a safe one?
Side note:- When I said that Sam was missing, I do NOT mean completely. It does appear in the closing stages of the episode.
Fun notes..
Harold gets the felony jitters. And applies science to Breaking and Entering.
Mr. Reese becomes Charlie Sheen.
And Sam gets into the business of dialogue thieving.
The one character that has gone completely under the radar ( or at least my radar), is Bear. Well, he’s back and apparently likes fuzzy slippers.


Final Verdict.
These types of episodes have become a classic in the past few seasons, especially the last one. The morality and implications of various risks and decisions come into consideration. You question everything at every step, asking why  wasn’t the  alternate option chosen. As I said before, this episode is a certain improvement. This slow moving, contemplative( I’ve used that word way too many times.) is the exact opposite to the action packed, fast paced premiere. But the timing of such an episode is perfect as more deeper into the season, one might expect more risks and stunts and gunfire.
Final Verdict – 7.5


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