Person Of Interest S5EO4- 6,741 Review

Its been a long year and a few months for those who were waiting for Shaw to be back onscreen on Person Of Interest. 

The following content will / may contain precious information about said episode which should not be learnt by reading a review. ( So to be clear, should be learnt by watching the episode.)
This SPOILER ALERT was brought to you by Gordon Watson.


The episode began with Shaw being operated on. It almost felt as if it was a different show. Not only during the first few scenes but throughout the whole episode. The music was not upto the mark and the scenes lacked graveness.
But I guess the end made it an easy way out for the writers to explain any inconsistency or storyline interruptions. This was indeed a revamp of a version of ‘If Then Else’. Sameen is interrogated numerous times by Samaritan agents and then is put through thousands of simulations, with a single aim in the AI mind of Samaritan, to find the location of The Machine and its agents.
To say that this is a Shaw centric episode is to state the understatement of the week. Or the month. Depends on the month. And there’s the whole ‘reuniting’ ‘scene’ of Root and Shaw which almost seemed unnecessary. But I’m willing to let that slide. For the sake of Root. Her killing Greer was a moment of gasp indeed. And I immediately found myself yearning for the look on Greer’s face after she had shot him. And Samaritan didn’t make it look like the MI6 agent was surprised or scared. Or should I say the writers, and directors.


I hadn’t seen any ‘BTS’ pictures of Greer other than the scene from the church, so then I started to doubt whether or not Greer was really dead. I mean I began to doubt if this really was a simulation or reality.
Many of the viewers caught on to the simulation about 30 minutes before the big reveal.
My doubt completely vanished when Shaw shot Reese and blamed Samaritan. Even if Shaw was angry with Reese and Finch, she still would be incredibly sad if she had to kill Reese. And obviously , there was none of that musical tragedy that accompanies a character’s death or at least ‘supposed’ death.
But I do think that that was not needed. Maybe just to disable him for some time, but there was absolutely no need. Perhaps it was to increase the impact of Shaw not being able to kill Root and killing herself. But it was more or less unnecessary.
The story by itself was very good, though it lacked the intensity and the depth that most Person Of Interest episodes have. The final few moments were really good, where it was revealed that all of what had happened for the last 40 minutes was a simulation, 6,741st simulation to be precise out of many more.
I feel at least for me, that Shaw’s and Root’s romance is still not official by the storyline standards. I mean, Shaw just kissed Root to make her get into the elevator and for her to get to the ‘BIG RED BUTTON’.
By the way, these are all only my opinions. If anyone has a problem with them, they can always make me know.
The episode, for me at least is the worst of the season uptil now. Obviously it should have been a whopper as Shaw was returning. But I never felt involved in the story. I never felt that I could care for a character. I never felt that I would be furious or sorrowful, if anything happened to any character. Her killing Greer was a shocker. Her killing Reese was a shocker. But her not killing Root was more or less expected. This was a rare Person Of Interest episode that I did not like. My not liking is based on whether or not I might watch it again and again. I might watch it again, once or twice, to spot how Samaritan sees the world and how it sees Team Machine. This episode includes the small list of Panopticon and  Liberty, the two premieres of the fourth and the third seasons.   For me it was a serious let down. Coz I was really really excited and was looking forward to it.


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