A new lease, to a Portuguese. – A poem. 

This is my first attempt… So it’s not going to be very good. I hope you can enjoy.
Something had happened to Manchester United,

Their once brilliant play had long since departed.

From the days when they were so brilliant,

Now they were struggling – and it showed, so evident. 
The Devils under Sir Alex Ferguson,

Had had a great 20 year run.

And for the last three, they’ve faced chaos and flack,

But now, its time for them to come back.

For they have Barça’s least favourite son,

José , the special one.

This arrogant little Portuguese,

Has got his hands on the big Red keys, 

With 10 million as his new lease,

Has got Old Trafford, buzzing like bees.
Rooney is suffering too,

He has to prove – or retire with the crew,

“Able were they ere they saw Elba”,

Along with Martial, now they’ve got Pogba.

Our hearts are with you, Man United.

The Theatre of Dreams you will have lighted.

To the very top of football you will go,

Welcome,the very special, José Mourinho.

– With ‘excerpts ‘ from ” What has happened to Manchester United, by Darryl Ashton.