Prevention, Cure and some Silver Tongued-ness.

‘Prevention is better than cure’, is how the saying goes, I think. But there are times when things become so bad, so terribly appalling that a cure is all that maybe left. This statement may have been true a few decades ago, but not now. Things have worsened and have become more terrible than ever before.Earth can barely contain the mass of populace that is humanity. But as it has done so for thousands of years, humanity never ever kicks the proverbial bucket. They keep enduring, surviving. But that no longer is enough. The haven of a planet, that is this Earth, is no longer the sanctuary that it once was. It is dying. Not that they did not have a say in the matter.DSCN1109.JPG So now this generation is tasked with the enormous responsibility of saving said planet. And maybe ‘Hybrid’ is the way to go. I’m not going to start elaborating about what hybrid means or what it entails, I’m pretty sure most people know. Others, Google it.

The harmonization of two opposite aspects of the spectrum of life. Economic growth and ecological preservation. That is the goal here. But are they truly ‘opposite’? They are only opposites because we make them out to be. They can be an amazing combination. Their harmony can bring to life a symphony of success and failure .We fall only to rise again. A word for this idea, is one that was coined not a very long time ago. ‘Sustainable Development.’ This form of development keeps in mind the consequences of said development and also considers the environment and costs that humanity has to pay. Genetically modified seeds, green spaces, solar and wind energy, crop rotation among many are examples of these revolutionary idea. But after we start practicing all this, another important question is raised. What is the effect of this on the Earth? Is it getting any better? The simple answer is yes.


But just not fast enough. The damage that had to be done, has been done. And unless we find a way to reverse the process of pollution and global warming, there is no way out of this. Another factor for sustainable development’s minimal effect is the scale of it. Compared to the old practices, the portion that practices the former is very small. The problem with the people of Earth is that they are, like tantrumming children. They don’t exactly know what they want. Do they want to live happily, or do they want their children to live happily. If it is the latter, then their behavior has to improve. They have to be the best of humanity. They have to be the best of the only known inhabited planet in the universe. And also, they owe it to her. She’s given them so much. And after expelling so much emotion and hard work for her and on her, is it right to wither away with a whimper?is it right to give up this planet so easily? It most certainly is not. Humanity deserves to be here. This planet chose its inhabitants. So it becomes their responsibility to honor that choice, and to make her proud. Even if that means giving up all their creature comforts and living in complete agony, because, they deserve it. They deserve what is coming to them. But as I said in the beginning, they never give up. They learn from their mistakes. So, the summers can keep getting hotter, and winters, colder, but humanity has decided that it will not budge. It will not go quietly into the night. They will survive. So, to do one last act of kindness, to get one last victory over this homicidal planet, lets save this Earth of theirs!



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