Doctor Who-X: The calm before the storm.

I’m a bit behind on the scheduled set of 5 episodes. But I suppose it’s always better late than never.

The following content will / may contain precious information about said episode which should not be learnt by reading a review. ( So to be clear, should be learnt by watching the episodes.)
This SPOILER ALERT was brought to you by Gordon Watson.

The summary and review of the previous five episodes can be accessed by clicking below.


This article will review the next five episodes of the Tenth Season of the Time Lord’s resurrection.


After a very good episode in Oxygen, Doctor Who kicked on to make an even more impressive episode named ‘Extremis’. I feel, that any episode named ‘that’ has to directly qualify as one of the best. But still, Doctor Who has let people down in the past.  This was not one of those cases. Extremis was the best episode of Doctor Who for a very long time. The episode was the first in a three parter. The episode takes The Doctor and his companions to the Vatican, the Pentagon, the CERN headquarters and the White House. The Doctor gains his eyesight back, temporarily, or should I say momentarily. We are introduced to an alien race called The Monks. And we find out how the whole world is not the world. So, overall a very, very good stretch of 40 odd minutes indeed. The creepiness, and the sense of doom, that the episode sets out to instill in us, is done so VERY successfully. But as is the case with The Doctor of Peter Capaldi, he does not solve anything until the final moments. Until then, it’s just the Doctor being in the dark. Literally and metaphorically. So, overall, I felt that this episode was the best one yet of the Tenth season.

Episode 6- Extremis-9.5/10


So, now that the world that is not the world has been exited by the Doctor, he can set about finding out more about the Monks and how to stop them. But immediately, we are thrown into the middle of a stress zone (is that what they’re called?) between the armies of China, Russia and obviously, the US. In the middle of which there is a 5000 year old pyramid which “wasn’t there yesterday”. The ‘Pyramid’ at the end of the World, also the name of the episode, houses the Monks, who can see and deduce the future result of current events. The Monks also make every clock in the world the ‘Doomsday’ clock. With it constantly reducing the time interval to midnight, at which the end of the world will occur. The generals of the armies decide to surrender but they can only do so if they WANT the Monks to rule over the Earth. The Monks do not accept their surrender as it was not ‘pure’, and turn them into dust. Meanwhile, the Doctor tracks the apocalypse causing event to a genetics lab in Yorkshire, which, due to a misplaced decimal point, created a bacteria that turns any living thing into gunk. Still the Doctor decides to burn up the lab, thereby sterilizing it, and killing the bacteria. He makes a bomb, he puts a timer, and leaves. Only problem, he’s still blind. He finally has to tell the truth to Bill, to say goodbye, but Bill turns and asks the Monks for help. Since this consent is out of love, they accept and return his eye sight, so he can escape the chamber that was going to be blown up. And that, is that.

This episode was not particularly my favorite. I never liked the Zygon two parter too. So perhaps it was the director’s fault. But never mind that. The story was a good one. But perhaps the ending could have been avoided. But obviously it being a three parter, it could not be done so.

Episode 7- The Pyramid at the End of the World.-8.5/10


This next episode was a very disappointing one for me.  The ‘Lie of the land’ was more or less, shown only from the perspective of Bill and the Doctor and not at all from the side of the Monks. I personally, would have liked more resistance and more obstacles caused by the Monks. But it turned out to be pretty easy for Team Doctor to overpower them, and send them back from where they came from. The one silver lining from this episode was the Doctor’s speech about how humanity is regressing and needs help to evolve. It was the best moment of the 10th season yet.

Episode 8- Lie of the Land-7.5/10


After a trilogy, that more or less failed to live up to its expectations, Mark Gatiss, brought the show back on the road with a refreshing standalone episode in ‘Empress of Mars’. The episode was not very ‘jolly’, but was much less ‘grave’ that the previous two episodes. The notion of Britishers on Mars itself is a marvelous one. Add to that the return of two Classic Who characters, The Ice Warriors and Alpha Centauri, you’ve got an amazing combination. But perhaps amidst all the excitement of their return, the story itself did not have much material. And can barely hold its own with the other standalone episodes of this season.

Episode 9- The Empress of Mars-8/10


The final story before the ‘final’ story, was ‘The Eaters of Light’. And this too, along with Extremis, had got a far too good name to be let down like the previous two episodes. And it wasn’t. This was more of a joy ride than a thriller in which you are emotionally invested. Moffat does not take the audience anywhere, but brings them to his home. Scotland. And to the time, of the Roman Empire.  The disappearance of the Ninth Legion of the Roman Army, the disappearance of Bill Potts, and to when The Doctor’s patience shattered into a million pieces. The episode was a very good one, and can be attributed to the mathematical set containing all the good episodes of the tenth season of Doctor Who. I myself was speaking a bit of Scottish English at the end of it. So I would say that that’s more or less, job done.

Episode 10- The Eaters of Light-8.5/10


Throughout the season, the serialized storyline had been the Vault and Missy’s repentance of her evil-ness. And the prospect of her and the Doctor fighting side-by-side. And for once, there are no buts coming up. Perhaps Missy will complete her ‘defection’ to the good side. And perhaps we’ll get to see her and The Doctor fighting hand-in-hand. But that was all to come.

Overall, it had been a not so good second half of the season. It started off, absolutely amazing, at then tripped again, and again, and again till it started crashing down the stairs. But luckily it was constantly stopped by the acting of the cast, and a return to just above par writing.


Next up, it was the sad starting of the farewell of the Twelfth Doctor. And a last chance to see the attack eyebrows and the crazy smile of the mad old man.




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