Without hope. Without witness. Without reward.

The following content will / may contain precious information about said episode which should not be learnt by reading a review. ( So to be clear, should be learnt by watching the episodes.)

This SPOILER ALERT was brought to you by Gordon Watson.



So let’s get straight to business. ‘World Enough and Time’ was the first of a two-part story, constituting as the season’s finale. This episode starts off with The Doctor regenerating. (Yes,I know!) But this is only a sneak preview of the regeneration to come. The bulk of the episode consisted of a  400 mile long ship, reversing away from the gravitational pull of a black hole. And this problem is tasked to Missy, who is undertaking a test, conducted by the Doctor to see if there has been any change in her character. And she, being her old charming self, does not kill anyone she sees, and actually ‘tries’ to participate. Surely enough after some time a blue man, emerges with a gun, and shoots Bill, in fear of strange creatures coming up in the elevators. These creatures enter and take away Bill, claiming to be able to repair her. The blue man then tells his side of the story, claiming that it had been two days since they had been reversing from the black hole. A team of engineers had been sent to set the engines in reverse, and had never returned. Immediately after which numerous life signs showed up in the ship. It is then explained by the Doctor, that time is passing slower at the end that is closer to the black hole, than that at the further end. Meanwhile Bill, is repaired and is living in a hospital with the ‘janitor’. The hospital had been serving as conversion centre for humans, as they are ‘healed’. The wards are full of creepy gowned people with their heads wrapped in white cloth.  She waits for the Doctor for ten years, whereas above, only a few moments have passed. Team Doctor then hurries to go down the lift to rescue Bill, but by then Bill has already been tricked by the janitor, and is ‘converted’.  The episode ends with the reveal of the conversion, as being more of an ‘upgrade’ into a Cyberman, a Mondasian Cyberman. Meanwhile, the janitor is revealed to be The Master. And, oh yes, Bill, presumably becomes the first Cyberman, for like, ever.

A brilliant episode is one which takes you through the motions and also, emotions. And this is one such episode. The reveal of The Master and The Mondasian Cybermen, was already spoiled by the trailer released by the BBC. So it was just a formality that had to be taken out of the way.  But it was far from a formality. A beautiful score, wonderful acting, directing and amazing writing, transformed a routine disclosing into a something mysterious and wonderfully eerie. This was perhaps the eeriest episode of Doctor Who, ever, with a forever sense of doom lurking over the audience’s mind for the entirety of the episode. Peter didn’t have much to do in this episode. All the honors were taken away by Pearl. She was absolutely magnificent. Michelle, her cheery self. And John Simm, VERY restrained, for his version of The Master. The hospital was creepy, very creepy. The patients were suitably, very scary. As a whole, this episode easily takes the top spot on any DW episode list. This was perhaps the best DW episode in history, although slightly ruined by the BBC.

Episode 11- World Enough and Time-9.7/10


The Doctor Falls. Ominous words. And that was what he did. The episode started off, a bit chaotically, with The Doctor having been captured by the Masters. The Doctor somehow converts the core programming of the Cybermen by telling them to upgrade, Time Lords rather than humans. This forces The Doctor and Team Master to work together to get out of the hospital. Team Doctor(now joined by Nardole, who found a spaceship in the loading bay, and the Mondasian CyberBill) and Team Master, make their way to the top of the ship. But as time is passing faster downstairs, the Cybermen have already developed and upgraded themselves to really shiny, metallic versions that we know so well. Once The Doctor and the rest reach Floor 1507, they get ready for an onslaught from the Cybermen. Missy and the Master contemplate leaving the Doctor and driving in their TARDIS, and decide for it. The Doctor tries to persuade them, but they don’t listen to him. Meanwhile, Bill struggle with the prospect of her being a Cybermen, and how she’ll never get to lead a normal life. The Doctor sets up base in a farm which was a home for many children. The Cybermen breach Floor 1057 and attack, while team Doctor fight back. The Doctor tells Nardole to evacuate the floor,along with the children. He then fights back to back with CyberBill, against the Cybermen. He holds them off for a while, but finally, is forced to blow the entire Floor. Bill and the Doctor are the only beings left alive. When all hope seems to be lost, The Pilot, from the first episode, in the form of Heather, comes to their rescue. Takes them back to the TARDIS. And makes Bill, human again. Bill and Heather decide to see the universe together, and leave. Meanwhile, The Doctor wakes up, and struggle with the proposition of regeneration. The TARDIS then takes him to a mysterious place, where he still does not want to regenerate, and constantly, forcefully tries to stop his body from regenerating. While, his denial to regenerate, he meets the First Doctor, played by David Bradley. “You may be a doctor, but I’m THE Doctor. The original, you might say”.


This episode was more or less, a no win scenario for both, The Doctor, and the audiences. This is because, after such a wonderfully, perfect episode in ‘World Enough and Time’, it was almost impossible to top that with a more spectacular ending. And that was exactly the case. It did not live up to the hype created by its predecessor. But this, in no way means that ‘The Doctor Falls’, was in any way, bad. It was the best season finale, in DW history for a very long time. Although the start seemed a bit rushed and chaotic, once the episode settled down, and once we settled down in our sofas, the episode started to blossom, and unravel its enormous beauty. The speeches, the constant turn towards death and destruction, every emotion ever created bundled together, in perfect harmony, made the episode an unforgettable one. Plus, who can turn down the return of a doctor, The Doctor, in fact. The original, you might say.

Episode 12-The Doctor Falls-9.5/10

Overall- Doctor Who Season 10-9/10



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