Without hope. Without witness. Without reward.

The following content will / may contain precious information about said episode which should not be learnt by reading a review. ( So to be clear, should be learnt by watching the episodes.)

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So let’s get straight to business. ‘World Enough and Time’ was the first of a two-part story, constituting as the season’s finale. This episode starts off with The Doctor regenerating. (Yes,I know!) But this is only a sneak preview of the regeneration to come. The bulk of the episode consisted of a  400 mile long ship, reversing away from the gravitational pull of a black hole. And this problem is tasked to Missy, who is undertaking a test, conducted by the Doctor to see if there has been any change in her character. And she, being her old charming self, does not kill anyone she sees, and actually ‘tries’ to participate. Surely enough after some time a blue man, emerges with a gun, and shoots Bill, in fear of strange creatures coming up in the elevators. These creatures enter and take away Bill, claiming to be able to repair her. The blue man then tells his side of the story, claiming that it had been two days since they had been reversing from the black hole. A team of engineers had been sent to set the engines in reverse, and had never returned. Immediately after which numerous life signs showed up in the ship. It is then explained by the Doctor, that time is passing slower at the end that is closer to the black hole, than that at the further end. Meanwhile Bill, is repaired and is living in a hospital with the ‘janitor’. The hospital had been serving as conversion centre for humans, as they are ‘healed’. The wards are full of creepy gowned people with their heads wrapped in white cloth.  She waits for the Doctor for ten years, whereas above, only a few moments have passed. Team Doctor then hurries to go down the lift to rescue Bill, but by then Bill has already been tricked by the janitor, and is ‘converted’.  The episode ends with the reveal of the conversion, as being more of an ‘upgrade’ into a Cyberman, a Mondasian Cyberman. Meanwhile, the janitor is revealed to be The Master. And, oh yes, Bill, presumably becomes the first Cyberman, for like, ever.

A brilliant episode is one which takes you through the motions and also, emotions. And this is one such episode. The reveal of The Master and The Mondasian Cybermen, was already spoiled by the trailer released by the BBC. So it was just a formality that had to be taken out of the way.  But it was far from a formality. A beautiful score, wonderful acting, directing and amazing writing, transformed a routine disclosing into a something mysterious and wonderfully eerie. This was perhaps the eeriest episode of Doctor Who, ever, with a forever sense of doom lurking over the audience’s mind for the entirety of the episode. Peter didn’t have much to do in this episode. All the honors were taken away by Pearl. She was absolutely magnificent. Michelle, her cheery self. And John Simm, VERY restrained, for his version of The Master. The hospital was creepy, very creepy. The patients were suitably, very scary. As a whole, this episode easily takes the top spot on any DW episode list. This was perhaps the best DW episode in history, although slightly ruined by the BBC.

Episode 11- World Enough and Time-9.7/10


The Doctor Falls. Ominous words. And that was what he did. The episode started off, a bit chaotically, with The Doctor having been captured by the Masters. The Doctor somehow converts the core programming of the Cybermen by telling them to upgrade, Time Lords rather than humans. This forces The Doctor and Team Master to work together to get out of the hospital. Team Doctor(now joined by Nardole, who found a spaceship in the loading bay, and the Mondasian CyberBill) and Team Master, make their way to the top of the ship. But as time is passing faster downstairs, the Cybermen have already developed and upgraded themselves to really shiny, metallic versions that we know so well. Once The Doctor and the rest reach Floor 1507, they get ready for an onslaught from the Cybermen. Missy and the Master contemplate leaving the Doctor and driving in their TARDIS, and decide for it. The Doctor tries to persuade them, but they don’t listen to him. Meanwhile, Bill struggle with the prospect of her being a Cybermen, and how she’ll never get to lead a normal life. The Doctor sets up base in a farm which was a home for many children. The Cybermen breach Floor 1057 and attack, while team Doctor fight back. The Doctor tells Nardole to evacuate the floor,along with the children. He then fights back to back with CyberBill, against the Cybermen. He holds them off for a while, but finally, is forced to blow the entire Floor. Bill and the Doctor are the only beings left alive. When all hope seems to be lost, The Pilot, from the first episode, in the form of Heather, comes to their rescue. Takes them back to the TARDIS. And makes Bill, human again. Bill and Heather decide to see the universe together, and leave. Meanwhile, The Doctor wakes up, and struggle with the proposition of regeneration. The TARDIS then takes him to a mysterious place, where he still does not want to regenerate, and constantly, forcefully tries to stop his body from regenerating. While, his denial to regenerate, he meets the First Doctor, played by David Bradley. “You may be a doctor, but I’m THE Doctor. The original, you might say”.


This episode was more or less, a no win scenario for both, The Doctor, and the audiences. This is because, after such a wonderfully, perfect episode in ‘World Enough and Time’, it was almost impossible to top that with a more spectacular ending. And that was exactly the case. It did not live up to the hype created by its predecessor. But this, in no way means that ‘The Doctor Falls’, was in any way, bad. It was the best season finale, in DW history for a very long time. Although the start seemed a bit rushed and chaotic, once the episode settled down, and once we settled down in our sofas, the episode started to blossom, and unravel its enormous beauty. The speeches, the constant turn towards death and destruction, every emotion ever created bundled together, in perfect harmony, made the episode an unforgettable one. Plus, who can turn down the return of a doctor, The Doctor, in fact. The original, you might say.

Episode 12-The Doctor Falls-9.5/10

Overall- Doctor Who Season 10-9/10


Doctor Who-X: The calm before the storm.

I’m a bit behind on the scheduled set of 5 episodes. But I suppose it’s always better late than never.

The following content will / may contain precious information about said episode which should not be learnt by reading a review. ( So to be clear, should be learnt by watching the episodes.)
This SPOILER ALERT was brought to you by Gordon Watson.

The summary and review of the previous five episodes can be accessed by clicking below.



This article will review the next five episodes of the Tenth Season of the Time Lord’s resurrection.


After a very good episode in Oxygen, Doctor Who kicked on to make an even more impressive episode named ‘Extremis’. I feel, that any episode named ‘that’ has to directly qualify as one of the best. But still, Doctor Who has let people down in the past.  This was not one of those cases. Extremis was the best episode of Doctor Who for a very long time. The episode was the first in a three parter. The episode takes The Doctor and his companions to the Vatican, the Pentagon, the CERN headquarters and the White House. The Doctor gains his eyesight back, temporarily, or should I say momentarily. We are introduced to an alien race called The Monks. And we find out how the whole world is not the world. So, overall a very, very good stretch of 40 odd minutes indeed. The creepiness, and the sense of doom, that the episode sets out to instill in us, is done so VERY successfully. But as is the case with The Doctor of Peter Capaldi, he does not solve anything until the final moments. Until then, it’s just the Doctor being in the dark. Literally and metaphorically. So, overall, I felt that this episode was the best one yet of the Tenth season.

Episode 6- Extremis-9.5/10


So, now that the world that is not the world has been exited by the Doctor, he can set about finding out more about the Monks and how to stop them. But immediately, we are thrown into the middle of a stress zone (is that what they’re called?) between the armies of China, Russia and obviously, the US. In the middle of which there is a 5000 year old pyramid which “wasn’t there yesterday”. The ‘Pyramid’ at the end of the World, also the name of the episode, houses the Monks, who can see and deduce the future result of current events. The Monks also make every clock in the world the ‘Doomsday’ clock. With it constantly reducing the time interval to midnight, at which the end of the world will occur. The generals of the armies decide to surrender but they can only do so if they WANT the Monks to rule over the Earth. The Monks do not accept their surrender as it was not ‘pure’, and turn them into dust. Meanwhile, the Doctor tracks the apocalypse causing event to a genetics lab in Yorkshire, which, due to a misplaced decimal point, created a bacteria that turns any living thing into gunk. Still the Doctor decides to burn up the lab, thereby sterilizing it, and killing the bacteria. He makes a bomb, he puts a timer, and leaves. Only problem, he’s still blind. He finally has to tell the truth to Bill, to say goodbye, but Bill turns and asks the Monks for help. Since this consent is out of love, they accept and return his eye sight, so he can escape the chamber that was going to be blown up. And that, is that.

This episode was not particularly my favorite. I never liked the Zygon two parter too. So perhaps it was the director’s fault. But never mind that. The story was a good one. But perhaps the ending could have been avoided. But obviously it being a three parter, it could not be done so.

Episode 7- The Pyramid at the End of the World.-8.5/10


This next episode was a very disappointing one for me.  The ‘Lie of the land’ was more or less, shown only from the perspective of Bill and the Doctor and not at all from the side of the Monks. I personally, would have liked more resistance and more obstacles caused by the Monks. But it turned out to be pretty easy for Team Doctor to overpower them, and send them back from where they came from. The one silver lining from this episode was the Doctor’s speech about how humanity is regressing and needs help to evolve. It was the best moment of the 10th season yet.

Episode 8- Lie of the Land-7.5/10


After a trilogy, that more or less failed to live up to its expectations, Mark Gatiss, brought the show back on the road with a refreshing standalone episode in ‘Empress of Mars’. The episode was not very ‘jolly’, but was much less ‘grave’ that the previous two episodes. The notion of Britishers on Mars itself is a marvelous one. Add to that the return of two Classic Who characters, The Ice Warriors and Alpha Centauri, you’ve got an amazing combination. But perhaps amidst all the excitement of their return, the story itself did not have much material. And can barely hold its own with the other standalone episodes of this season.

Episode 9- The Empress of Mars-8/10


The final story before the ‘final’ story, was ‘The Eaters of Light’. And this too, along with Extremis, had got a far too good name to be let down like the previous two episodes. And it wasn’t. This was more of a joy ride than a thriller in which you are emotionally invested. Moffat does not take the audience anywhere, but brings them to his home. Scotland. And to the time, of the Roman Empire.  The disappearance of the Ninth Legion of the Roman Army, the disappearance of Bill Potts, and to when The Doctor’s patience shattered into a million pieces. The episode was a very good one, and can be attributed to the mathematical set containing all the good episodes of the tenth season of Doctor Who. I myself was speaking a bit of Scottish English at the end of it. So I would say that that’s more or less, job done.

Episode 10- The Eaters of Light-8.5/10


Throughout the season, the serialized storyline had been the Vault and Missy’s repentance of her evil-ness. And the prospect of her and the Doctor fighting side-by-side. And for once, there are no buts coming up. Perhaps Missy will complete her ‘defection’ to the good side. And perhaps we’ll get to see her and The Doctor fighting hand-in-hand. But that was all to come.

Overall, it had been a not so good second half of the season. It started off, absolutely amazing, at then tripped again, and again, and again till it started crashing down the stairs. But luckily it was constantly stopped by the acting of the cast, and a return to just above par writing.


Next up, it was the sad starting of the farewell of the Twelfth Doctor. And a last chance to see the attack eyebrows and the crazy smile of the mad old man.



Doctor Who-X: The story so far.

The following content will / may contain precious information about said episode which should not be learnt by reading a review. ( So to be clear, should be learnt by watching the episodes.)
This SPOILER ALERT was brought to you by Gordon Watson.


The tenth season of this very Scottish,British show began with a clean slate on the 15th of April . And in the weeks that have followed, we’ve visited rubbish robots from the ‘future’,  rather than the ‘dawn of time’. We’ve visited the biggest fish the Thames had ever been home to. (hopefully)  We’ve had ‘lice’ and intelligent water. And then the old clichéd theme of danger in space.

And I have to say, this installment of Dr.Who has been very positive and sunny.- with daisies, and peonies and probably the odd tulip, hanging out with each other.  And I can’t say that I’m actually a fan of that. I’m a really big advocate of the whole grumpy old man routine The Doctor pulled in the first season of the return of the old men, but that has overtime faded and the good ol’  madman in a blue box returned to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy and satisfied.  But this is probably the best character of The Doctor that Peter has had to adorn. Cruel, cold and calculating in some places, and emotional, passionate and kind in others. 


And the new Martha Jones is  Bill Potts. Her frizzled-frazzled hair has got people bewitched into liking her. Honorable mentions to her acting too.  Nardole, who when last scene before 25th of December 2016 was the AI interface of King Hydroflax, has now been reassembled, with the odd screw making his life hell.


The first episode featured the intelligent water that I mentioned. The whole atmosphere of the episode was different than that of the preceding ones. There was a lighter tone to the picture. The music was less ‘grave’ and The Doctor was, as usual up to his own eccentric antics. (almost spelled that antiques). The whole ‘new companion in the TARDIS for the first time’  rigmarole was  not a ‘knock through’ and took longer than usual, but finally got there. We get an peek into Bill’s love interests, or at the least the…. genre.  And she falls for the victim… as usual. Usual for cinema, not for Bill..I hope.  The episode featured one of my favorite scenes, the water versus a Dalek. “Exterminate”!. The episode changed the whole positive feel at the end when The Doctor decides to wipe the memory of Bill, but she realises what he’s doing and pleads him to stop.(Should have used  neuralyzer Doctor… ) He, for once , listens to his friend and doesn’t go through with the mind wiping. And then ends up inviting her to travel in all of space and time. (A bit cheesy if you ask me..)

Another part of the story I forgot to mention is something called The Vault that is being guarded by The Doctor and Nardole, and hence he’s had to go undercover as a teacher/professor in a university.

Episode 1- The Pilot- 8.5/10


The second episode, was a bulk load of positivity inside a smiling plane that had crashed on the road to extinction.  Robots keeping people happy, start converting them into fertilizer. A new planet, new civilization of humans, new set of Vardys, and a new companion make one hell of a combination. We all know half information is very dangerous. Well, in this case, it almost blew up humanity’s last hope to kingdom come. The Doctor thought this was a trap for the incoming human colony, but it turned out that the colony were already there,. And hence had to abort his childish impulse to blow it up.

This was not one of the Doctor’s clever episodes because he misunderstood every single thing until the last moment. The Vardys had begun to consider themselves as a species. And as a result, when the humans attacked them (as usual), the Vardys identified themselves as under threat and retaliated. The Doctor eventually reset everything and told the humans to basically sod off. But then decided to negotiate rent for the humans in the planet of the emoji robots.

  Episode 2-Smile-9/10  


The third episode was more of a traditional storyline of a big scary thing hidden somewhere, eating people up. In this case the ‘thing’ was a big fish, and the ‘where’ was the Thames. The last of the great ice fair, where The Doctor has also taken River Song. This was more of a distant and impersonal story, and was only documenting the adventures of The Doctor and his companion, which was great fun to see. It’s been a long time since Doctor Who has given us a joyride of an episode. Even the Christmas special was a tiny bit emotionally investing. But this one, to a great extent did not need that kind of emotional investing.  The characters other than Bill and The Doctor were basically non-existent. And the fish got a big happy ending, even though it had eaten innumerable people.

Episode 3- Thin Ice-8/10  


After that came my favorite episode off this season, ‘Knock knock’. Guest Appearance by David Suchet, a house that eats people, and The Doctor out  of his depth with teenagers, what more does one need to enjoy this episode? Bill and her newly formed friends decide to rent a house, and a strange landlord (played by Monsieur Suchet) offers them a deal of a lifetime. They move in and strange things start to happen. This episode does not deserve a dissection of a review. You just need to it behind the sofa, with your eyes popping out and whimpering at every creak of wood. David Suchet puts up an enthralling performance,with it varying from a dangerous man, who is prepared to do anything and everything and to a child at heart, who loves his mother a lot and doesn’t want to leave her.

Episode 4-Knock knock-9.5/10


The fifth episode is a well named episode called Oxygen. This involves the ever present hunger for money, and hence the air we breath is also paid for. This story, which I presume is just a passing through one, is not the most impressive. Probably the second worst after Thin Ice, the third one. I know, this contradicts my view about that episode, but story wise the third episode was indeed the worst, and now this comes a close second worst. But this does not mean that the story is bad. It is very good. The suits have been programmed to deactivate the organic component of themselves. That means killing the human. And all for what? To gain a profit. The height of capitalism. I suppose the story should have ended with a shock, but I didn’t exactly feel very shocked. (Probably Person Of Interest’s fault).

Episode 5-Oxygen- 8/10


The Vault’s story line is also coming along pretty well, with Nardole quite frightened of what it holds  and The Doctor having dinner with it/him/her. Nardole’s job up until now, has only been failing to keep The Doctor ‘on’ world and constantly reminding him of this ‘vow’ he had taken to guard the Vault.

So overall, the Doctor Who revamp has been a success, for now. And it is truly promising to be a above average, wonderful season. And  hopefully is the perfect sending off for the Best Doctor of them all.



Person Of Interest S5EO4- 6,741 Review

Its been a long year and a few months for those who were waiting for Shaw to be back onscreen on Person Of Interest. 

The following content will / may contain precious information about said episode which should not be learnt by reading a review. ( So to be clear, should be learnt by watching the episode.)
This SPOILER ALERT was brought to you by Gordon Watson.


The episode began with Shaw being operated on. It almost felt as if it was a different show. Not only during the first few scenes but throughout the whole episode. The music was not upto the mark and the scenes lacked graveness.
But I guess the end made it an easy way out for the writers to explain any inconsistency or storyline interruptions. This was indeed a revamp of a version of ‘If Then Else’. Sameen is interrogated numerous times by Samaritan agents and then is put through thousands of simulations, with a single aim in the AI mind of Samaritan, to find the location of The Machine and its agents.
To say that this is a Shaw centric episode is to state the understatement of the week. Or the month. Depends on the month. And there’s the whole ‘reuniting’ ‘scene’ of Root and Shaw which almost seemed unnecessary. But I’m willing to let that slide. For the sake of Root. Her killing Greer was a moment of gasp indeed. And I immediately found myself yearning for the look on Greer’s face after she had shot him. And Samaritan didn’t make it look like the MI6 agent was surprised or scared. Or should I say the writers, and directors.


I hadn’t seen any ‘BTS’ pictures of Greer other than the scene from the church, so then I started to doubt whether or not Greer was really dead. I mean I began to doubt if this really was a simulation or reality.
Many of the viewers caught on to the simulation about 30 minutes before the big reveal.
My doubt completely vanished when Shaw shot Reese and blamed Samaritan. Even if Shaw was angry with Reese and Finch, she still would be incredibly sad if she had to kill Reese. And obviously , there was none of that musical tragedy that accompanies a character’s death or at least ‘supposed’ death.
But I do think that that was not needed. Maybe just to disable him for some time, but there was absolutely no need. Perhaps it was to increase the impact of Shaw not being able to kill Root and killing herself. But it was more or less unnecessary.
The story by itself was very good, though it lacked the intensity and the depth that most Person Of Interest episodes have. The final few moments were really good, where it was revealed that all of what had happened for the last 40 minutes was a simulation, 6,741st simulation to be precise out of many more.
I feel at least for me, that Shaw’s and Root’s romance is still not official by the storyline standards. I mean, Shaw just kissed Root to make her get into the elevator and for her to get to the ‘BIG RED BUTTON’.
By the way, these are all only my opinions. If anyone has a problem with them, they can always make me know.
The episode, for me at least is the worst of the season uptil now. Obviously it should have been a whopper as Shaw was returning. But I never felt involved in the story. I never felt that I could care for a character. I never felt that I would be furious or sorrowful, if anything happened to any character. Her killing Greer was a shocker. Her killing Reese was a shocker. But her not killing Root was more or less expected. This was a rare Person Of Interest episode that I did not like. My not liking is based on whether or not I might watch it again and again. I might watch it again, once or twice, to spot how Samaritan sees the world and how it sees Team Machine. This episode includes the small list of Panopticon and  Liberty, the two premieres of the fourth and the third seasons.   For me it was a serious let down. Coz I was really really excited and was looking forward to it.

Person Of Interest S5EO3- Truth Be Told review.

Person Of Interest, two days in a row is a strange occurrence. This strange occurrence is going to be the trend for the next two months.
The following content will / may contain precious information about said episode which should not be learnt by reading a review. ( So to be clear, should be learnt by watching the episode.)
This SPOILER ALERT was brought to you by Gordon Watson.
Truth Be Told would have been more appropriate on a Thursday as Person Of Interest threw themselves back to the classic episode of a social security number in danger.
Its been a long time since Reese has been the hero of an episode of POI. This episode came as a welcome relief as Reese’s past comes into the fray. This episode more or less forgets about Samaritan PR as John put it, ” An Artificial Intelligence bent on world domination. ”


This wasn’t completely a Reese episode such as Season 4’s Terra Incognita where there is next to no screen time for Harold and Root. This does include bits of Root and Harold’s conversations and what missions The Machine gave Root. But it is basically Reese.
Another welcome sight was Dr. Iris Campbell, played by the wonderful Wrenn Schmidt. I have never been a fan of their relationship, but I don’t mind it one bit.
Truth Be Told welcomed another character into the POI Universe, Terrence Beale played by Keith David. I loved this character. This Beale guy and CONTROL are my favorite government stiffs.


The said social security number is of an Alex Duncan. I will not say anymore. Whoever is reading this without watching the episode… Shame on you!
Anyway, there isn’t much to write about in this episode without revealing more than necessary information.
So, in the serialized arc , Samaritan has been installing malware in every computerized place it can find its Artificial paws on.
The malware rewrites the code of the said device it is present in. But it does serve some other purpose. Our underground hackers have been able to decipher only part of its code. So perhaps Sam’s endgame might be revealed in the next few episodes. Nevertheless, its a very exciting prospect.
Final Verdict
This episode is not exactly as refreshing as rain in the desert, but it’s close. The past few episodes have been really hectic. And by the looks of it, they might just step it up a notch in the episodes to come. But it was nice to slow down go back to the basics and the numbers. Next week.. Shaw’s back! Does one need to say more?
Final Rating – 7.5

Person Of Interest S5EO2- SNAFU review

As those who watch CBS very well know, on May 3rd, CBS’ best crime drama return to  our television sets. Six days after the premiere, the weekly cycle begins with the episode SNAFU.
For me , that word is an old fashioned notion. I haven’t heard or found that word anywhere in a long time. But I somehow remember distinctly its meaning and use. But enough of the technicalities.
The following content will / may contain precious information about said episode which should not be learnt by reading a review. ( So to be clear, should be learnt by watching the episode.)
This SPOILER ALERT was brought to you by Gordon Watson.

The episode brings to light the changes that Harold might make while programming The Machine.


This time I’m going to start with the negative points and the problems and inconsistency.
Firstly, Harold’s and Reese’s friendship seems to be ever more distant than the previous episode. Its almost as if something happened in the few minutes between last season’s Pink Floyd themed bullet shower and  this season’s Kill Joy themed beginning.
Secondly, Root still doesn’t ‘get’ the numbers or why a closed system is best for business. And even more weirdly, Harold agrees to keep The Machine an open system! The same guy that was pleading Greer not to make Samaritan, an open system, go live.
Thirdly, speaking of Sam, he was no where to be found. And so was Greer. Both of them have yet to appear on the show since it’s start. On a personal note:- I miss them. A lot!
Other than these three major drawbacks, I feel that the episode was a certain improvement on the premiere, in miniscule measures.
I feel there is something is wrong with that sentence.
Never mind.
This episode wasn’t as action packed as the premiere, but it is one where you sit and think, and contemplate. What should Harold do to make The Machine better? Is Root’s idea of an open system a good one, or more importantly, a safe one?
Side note:- When I said that Sam was missing, I do NOT mean completely. It does appear in the closing stages of the episode.
Fun notes..
Harold gets the felony jitters. And applies science to Breaking and Entering.
Mr. Reese becomes Charlie Sheen.
And Sam gets into the business of dialogue thieving.
The one character that has gone completely under the radar ( or at least my radar), is Bear. Well, he’s back and apparently likes fuzzy slippers.


Final Verdict.
These types of episodes have become a classic in the past few seasons, especially the last one. The morality and implications of various risks and decisions come into consideration. You question everything at every step, asking why  wasn’t the  alternate option chosen. As I said before, this episode is a certain improvement. This slow moving, contemplative( I’ve used that word way too many times.) is the exact opposite to the action packed, fast paced premiere. But the timing of such an episode is perfect as more deeper into the season, one might expect more risks and stunts and gunfire.
Final Verdict – 7.5

Person Of Interest S5EO1-BSOD Review.

Person of Interest came back to the small screen with an action packed, fast moving and intense episode. It has been exactly one year since there were AIs on our TVs. ( Unless some other show has an AI.)
The episode picked almost exactly the same place YHWH. But I still don’t understand how they escaped the rain of bullets that they were facing at the end of Season 4.
But none of this amounts to the fact that this was a strong episode. But certainly not one of its finest.
The following content will / may contain precious information about said episode which should not be learnt by reading a review. ( So to be clear, should be learnt by watching the episode.)
This SPOILER ALERT was brought to you by Gordon Watson.


I know… That was a bit … out there. Never mind. Back to the show.

If anyone saw the video of the subway covered in smoke, which was released at comic con… Well that is the start of the fifth season of POI. The episode starts with a pay phone ringing. ( Classic POI ). Then Root’s voice fills our ears. Apparently, she doesn’t k ow what winning would mean anymore.. Umm hello?? Samaritan being destroyed… A world free of hunger ..destroyed. ??
Back on topic…
As The Kills’ No Wow started to play,  John Reese, briefcase in hand with a few minor damages was busy trying to escape Samaritan. I have no idea why or how they got separated.
Well, that’s the start and in fear of revealing too much I’m going to stop myself.
This episode was not the classic POI edge of the seat stuff where you keep trying to guess what’s going to happen and keep failing. This is one of those episodes which takes you on a journey and you go along with it. No questions asked.
There were a few puns and jokes delivered with Reese’s humorous seriousness and there obviously there had to be Root’s ‘in your face’ attitude. The episode also included Fusco’s wonderful cluelessness of everything that had happened and why it had happened. And we are once again reminded after exactly 365 days , why we watch Person Of Interest. 


But there WERE some problems.
Reese was always out of place and had no  use in most situations. ( According to Harold).
Samaritan did not have that on the prowl AI feel. In layman terms, the episode did not have the required amount of dread, and darkness that is expected when an Artificial Intelligence wants you dead.
And there were some inconsistencies. For example, why would someone make a bulletproof, indestructible briefcase other than to protect the contents of it? Well, in the episode, the briefcase is shot at and it is not destroyed. But the Pizo Electric Battery somehow was damaged. ( Did I get the name right?) Which  in turn deduced the chances of The Machine’s survival.
And the most infuriating problem of all with the episode was that Harold gave The Machine a gender. He called it a she. Its a machine, Harold!! Its not a he or a she. Its an it.
Final Verdict
The episode is a good one if you watch the show for the show’s/writing’s sake. But if you watch POI for Reese’s sake, this episode is not for you.

The Metropolitan Sherlock

All the writers and producers have got it into their minds that Sherlock Holmes is an insulting, cold and calculating, stoic person, who doesn’t care whether the Earth revolves around the Sun or not. Some of it is certainly true, but there is one thing Mr. Holmes has never been, and that is insulting in the face of a client or a case. And he has never ‘enjoyed’ Moriarty like Benedict’s Sherl did.
I guess one can come to that conclusion amidst the all elementary.
I agree that he is not exactly a ‘ likeable’ person, but he’s not also a ‘ dislikeable’ person. But one has to work very hard to like the hatted detective in the new series of Mr. Moffat. Even during the early days of Elementary, one doesn’t like what he sees in the deductive detective



In fact almost all the classic fictional figures which have been around for quite some time are or have going/gone through a grumpy and emotionless period. Doctor Who being in the lead. The current Peter Capaldi role went through a whole season and a Christmas Special with his attitude of mystery based excitedness rather than loss based sadness. But I’ve gone off topic here.

Back on. I get that this post is somewhat unnecessary, but its been bugging my mind for quite some time now. The current Sherlock of England , based in England and working in England, seems to enjoy a good murder which I do not think the original Holmes did. I get it. There have been quite some changes in the new one from the old, but at least I would have hoped not to an annoying extent. Which for the first two seasons WAS pretty annoying.

Its true that all three characters which I’ve mentioned have relaxed their insults and have given room to more nerdiness and clichès.
But Benedict and Peter will always be remembered as the grumpy fellows who sort of, kind of hated (which is an unnecessarily strong word to use). I by far have absolutely almost no complaints about their attitudes.  In fact I quite enjoyed them, but its the conventional population that has gotten all riled up. And I don’t blame them. But it was a sigh of relief to see that their (Mr. Holmes’) character has more or less changed, but we still continues to see shades of the past in some moments where they can be cold and have nerves of steel. Couldn’t ask for more.